Kathy's Story

When Kathy was a young girl her grandmother taught her to bake. Because of that, Kathy developed a lifelong love of baking.

Over the years, Kathy's specialty became her carrot cake. It is still the favorite of friends, family and customers.

Kathy has always enjoyed baking for special occasions. Her family and friends could see how much she loved creating the cakes that "made the day". That is why they encouraged her to open her own bakery.

Kathy's Cakes and Specialty Treats is built on a love for cakes. It grew from the seed that Kathy's grandmother planted when she taught Kathy to bake. It continues to grow through the tradition of passing recipes down through the generations.

Kathy has broadened this tradition to include recipes that her customers have shared with her. Sharing these special recipes with her customers is her way of making you part of the family!